Seven years ago, director Kara Kurcz started rolling the cameras as she and her husband, Brian, emptied their bank accounts and launched a company out of their two-bedroom apartment called Solas Fashion.

The idea behind Solas was simple. It was based on a simple necessity every woman needed…a light in her handbag. However, the execution of starting a company, filing a patent, manufacturing a product, and making sure the line was successful was not as simple.
With tenacity and hard work, they quickly proved naysayers wrong. By the second year of business, Solas was debuting on the red carpet.

By their third year in business, Solas made the pages of over 30 news publications, and Kara and her bags were featured on shows such as Extra, E! News, and The Today Show.

In the fourth year, they had over a million dollars in sales and the line was sold in 250 boutiques worldwide. Kara and Brian’s future looked as bright as the lighted handbags.

Kara kept the cameras rolling, but had no idea what was looming around the corner. Some of the worst economic times in America’s history lay waiting for Solas in its fifth year in business.

What happened next was a domino effect—retail sales literally plummeted overnight, and boutique owners were forced to close their doors, one after another.

Before deciding to give up completely, Kara threw caution to the wind and started cold calling business owners she admired.

big TIME parallels the story of Kara and Brian, with America’s most creative and successful inventors and entrepreneurs who openly share their experiences and advice on what it takes to “make it” in the big TIME.

If you want to make it in the big TIME, there are two things you need to know: There is no such thing as an overnight success, and everyone has a story.