Jonah White

Jonah White

Jonah White is the CEO and Co-founder of Billy Bob Teeth Inc. Jonah is, by all accounts, very much like original American entrepreneurs; he was raised “a few centuries behind the times”, growing up poor in a log cabin, without basic necessities like running water or a flushing toilet.

After graduating college, Jonah knew he wanted to pursue a career in marketing but was unsure how his path would guide him there. He decided to go back to nature to find clarity. He moved into a cave on the land where he had grown up.

Jonah then met Richard Bailey, a dental student. Richard, for fun, had made a pair of fake “HillBilly teeth”. Jonah instantly saw the potential, and partnered with Richard putting his entire net worth on the line (a whopping $400) to start Billy Bob Inc. By the age of 28, Jonah had made his first million dollars, and, to date, the company has sold over 16 million Billy-Bob teeth.

Jonah continues to produce popular novelty products and games, and has just authored his first book, The Billy Bob Secret to Life.

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